Does the world need another blog?

Of course not. No doubt, there are about ten gazillion blogs being created today by people who think that you really need to know what they (or, since I’m doing it, we) have to say.

However, I need one.

I have had another blog for some time, using a pseudonym, and commenting on all kinds of topics. It has become a place for very heated and divisive conversation. I’m not linking to it because I’m making a break. While I might continue the life of that pseudonym, that’s not the way I want to live.

Rather, here I am. Ken. That’s my real name. You don’t get my last name or the names of the rest of my family, but there you are.

I don’t plan to be particularly controversial in this blog. It’s about reading, mostly. I’ll wander, especially to talk about issues of school bullying, but mostly it’s about reading.

It will be about what I’m reading, what my kids are reading, hopefully what you’re reading, and in the near future at least some of what I’m writing. Please, be gentle.

So, there it is. Here I am. The world doesn’t need another blog, by any stretch of the imagination. However, I sort of need to have one. Thanks for stopping by.


5 Responses to Does the world need another blog?

  1. thecatsman says:

    Oh sure the world needed another blog…….

  2. wken says:

    Thanks, Catsman!

  3. nonnie9999 says:

    i don’t know about any other blog, but the world certainly needs to continue to hear from you, wken!

  4. angstycrayon says:

    Hi Ken!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog 🙂 I’ll keep reading!

  5. Ken Brown says:

    That’s probably the only honest reason to start one of these things. Though no doubt the people who think the world needs to hear what they have to say tend to draw more pageviews, that doesn’t prove they have anything worth saying.


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