Monday Check-In

Last week was rough for reading. I made virtually no progress in anything.

So, here are my goals for this week:

Before I go to bed tonight, I am to finish The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper. My son read the sequence a couple years ago, and I’m supposed to catch up. It’s about time that I get that done.

Before Saturday evening, when I pick the boys up, I will finish Stoneheart by Charlie Fletcher.

These are both in the category of books I’m reading to share with my son. I try to read some of the same books that he does, so that we can talk about them and have that in common.

He is also reading the Siege storyline in Marvel comics. At least I’m ahead of him in that. (Sigh … I’m pathetic, I know.)

Tonight is the writers’ group at my local library. I’m going to miss it for the 13th consecutive month. I actually have something written, but I’m going to pass. Monday night just isn’t the best for me.

I think that after 13 months, someone could make a case that I’m not really a member of the group. Especially in light of the fact that I’ve only been once.

And didn’t read anything even then.

Oh, well.

(Quick note about the cast of characters: My eldest son, 13, has been known by the nickname Tickle. He is now using the online name Speaker for the Dragons. My second son, 11, is known as Wiggle. My daughter, 2, is Eagle. My youngest son, 6 months, is Zidgel. My wife is known as Zeta. I’ll explain that some other time.)

Meanwhile, my daughter is doing very well with her books. Over the weekend, she seems to have made a breakthrough in the alphabet. She is now going through Thomas’ ABC Book and pretty consistently getting the letters. We’re working on what sounds go with each letter.

Last week’s favorites among her reading were the aforementioned Thomas’ ABC Book, Bad Bears Detectives, and Little Engines Can Do Big Things.

Zidgel is especially fond of Percival the Plain Little Caterpillar and The Polar Express.

Of those favorites, the only one that we own is The Polar Express, which Eagle gave to Tickle for Christmas. (To the extent that 2-year-olds give presents, that is.) The rest are from the library.

Wiggle is still resistant to doing a lot of reading. He and I read Andrew Peterson’s North! or be Eaten on Sundays, but it’s slow going since we only have the one day each week. At his mother’s, he has apparently finished reading Hoot, but since he can’t tell me much about it, I wonder how much he’s actually reading of these books.


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