Tuesday Morning

I love Tuesday mornings.

My local library has story time at 11, so I bring Eagle (and Zidgel, of course) over there and we read some books, sing some songs, and then end the session with some coloring (usually) or another craft. It’s fun.

My little halfling loves the library, and it’s certainly a good thing. I figure that if she knows the librarians at this age, that we’re setting her up for some good habits.

My wife is able to come every other week … she works late on alternate Tuesdays. This isn’t one of those Tuesdays, but that’s okay.

Last night, I failed to finish The Dark is Rising. I’m halfway through the last chapter, but the two kiddos kept me busy until late enough that I was falling asleep while reading. It really is a good book, I just keep falling asleep while reading it because I’m reading on the wrong side of midnight.

In other news … in speaking to Eaglescoutjonathan at church on Sunday, I found a new title that I’ll have to use some time. He pulled out the contents of one of his pockets (I don’t remember why). He had 56 cents and a ball bearing. “Fifty-six cents and a ball bearing” has a lot of potential as a short story title, possibly a poem.

I just have to write it, now.


3 Responses to Tuesday Morning

  1. Jonas says:

    Sorry – it’s an album title, clearly. Do you write songs?

  2. Jonas says:

    Referencing “Fifty-six cents and a ball bearing” that is.

  3. wken says:

    Songwriting is certainly not my greatest area of expertise, no … (Which is very mildly put.)

    We’ll see if I come up with anything worthwhile.

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