Cast your vote!

For the most vile political ad of 2010!

I have three nominees, here, and I’d love to see what you think (assuming that anyone is still even looking at this blog).

If you’ve seen an ad worse than these three, then I’m sorry. But let me know, and open it up for voting, too.

This stuff makes me glad that I don’t have cable, and don’t get subjected to political ads.

So, without further adieu, here’s Nominee #1, from Kentucky’s Jack Conway vs. Rand Paul race. The ad from Jack Conway 2010 is called “Why?” …

So, there we are … college stupidity, clearly (assuming that it’s true). But does it really mean that he’s some kind of devil-worshiper today? Really?

Nominee #2 is from the group called Latinos for Reform, which is actually a Republican named Robert De Posada. The ad itself has been pulled, but here’s a story about it and an interview with the reprobate. Hat tip to Hysterical Raisins for bringing this candidate to my attention.

Don’t vote? This isn’t trying to engage in the battleground of ideas, this is trying to bypass it. This is actually un-American and anti-democratic.

Nominee #3 is from Colorado, when a pro-life group is depending on hatred of Pres. Obama and fears of money and such to make its point. Hat tip to Joel at The Church of Jesus Christ for that one.

This one pains me, because I probably support the amendment. I’m a fan of personhood endeavors and want to see such amendments passed. But not because Pres. Obama is the angel of death bringing hell behind him and looks like a Batman villain. Because of respect for life. Whoever put this ad together seems to have missed that aspect entirely.

By the way, I’d rather not debate that issue on this blog. Just making a point …

So, there we are. The three most disgusting political ads I know for this year.



2 Responses to Cast your vote!

  1. nonnie9999 says:

    i’m still looking!

    i hate that first ad. i understand what they were trying to get at, but they went around it in a very stupid way. i really wish they hadn’t made it. they can question little randy’s policies without revisiting his college days and trying to psychoanalyze him to figure out why he would vote on issues the way he’s said he would vote.

    the second one is disgusting and disgraceful. the rethugs love to throw around the unamerican label, but this is just about as unamerican as you can get.

    the third one is so over the top and hateful that there are no words to describe my disgust. what really got me was calling obama the angel of death. you know my stand on abortion, wken, but i can understand that there are those who disagree with me. the last ‘angel of death’ was josef mengele, and comparing anyone to him is vile. i also think that what the ad says is not true.

    while i had the most visceral reaction to the third one for many reasons, i still would have to vote for #2 as the worst, because the intent was just so wrong.

  2. wken says:

    I think I’m with you on #2. #3 does disgust me a lot, as you said viscerally, perhaps because I’m afraid of being associated with it.

    But #2 is just such a cut-and-dried attack on the idea of Americanism.

    The country is rooted on the idea that your ideas deserve to win or lose at the ballot box (with exceptions for protected rights and freedoms).

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