Quote of the Day – 12/4/2010

December 4, 2010

“Don’t judge a man’s quality by his position in life” – Halt, Ranger’s Apprentice Book One: The Ruins of Gorlan (p. 246)


John Flanagan, Ranger’s Apprentice, Book One: The Ruins of Gorlan. Puffin Books, 2005. ISBN: 978-0-14-240663-2


Friday Report

February 6, 2010

I did a lot better on reading this week. I can’t seem to find Stoneheart (by Charlie Fletcher) now that I’m trying to read it, so instead I’m working my way through the Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper. I finished The Dark is Rising at long last, and then shot through Greenwitch. This morning I started The Grey King, which I should finish before I get the boys tomorrow evening.

I rather like this series. I’ll have specifics about the books later.

After that, I have a few more kidlit titles I want to get through in the immediate future — the sixth book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series by Robert Flanagan, The Siege of Macindaw; and The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma, third in that series by Trenton Lee Stewart, come to mind.

I’d also like to make a dent in my stack of books I’ve meant to read for some time. I’ll list those in a different post.

I think I’ll toss a short story up tomorrow. Enjoy it, or not …